Thursday, June 30, 2011

tea wall

A Lithuanian postcrosser who was born and raised in the old town part of Vilnius sent this stunning postcard of a wall on a tea shop in old town. The sender has a view of this wall from her workplace. What a great card!


Lynn Berkowitz sent this announcement card from an intriguing photography show she recently saw in Lambertville, New Jersey. Lynn is a great lover of horses, hence her appreciation for these unusual 'landscapes'.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

greetings from..

..the Netherlands! The Dutch postcrosser who sent this breezy ad card seems to be enjoying the good life with her young family.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

beautiful conwy

English friend Carolyn sent this enchanting card of Conwy, in Wales, with a surprise stamp. She wrote of her trip: "In N. Wales, everywhere you look there's a 13th c. castle, but this is one of the more splendid." The boats and cars and people only add to the scene. Love this card.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Dream of Greece

A gorgeous composition from a Greek postcrosser. The color palate reminds me of marble statues and the Mediterranean.

Pitted and Beribboned

This wonderful altered card was sent from Ireland by a Canadian postcrosser. She put tons on stress on the card through punching, sewing and spraying. And the little girl witch she created is just so cool!


That's exactly what I'm dreaming of.

Pride Card

Yesterday, the street was filled with pride flotillas. I picked up this card at a sandwich place and it's promoting Al-Anon for LGBT.

Sea & Sky

Some pretty stamps from postcrossers. The top left is from Greece, the top right is from Portugal depicting sea life in the Azores. And bottom astronaut is from Odessa.

loading cotton

This card, which shows longshoremen loading cotton in the Texas port of Galveston, was mailed in 1943 by a naval lieutenant on a four-day leave there, a place he calls "a terribly crowded town." He was waiting to hear from the Navy about a commission and, I suppose, to be mobilized. There is no stamp on the card; instead the word 'free' is written in the space for the stamp.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Wonder artist Cyrilla Mozenter sent this announcement for an upcoming group show at the Adam Baumgold Gallery in New York City.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Another great find on the streets of San Francisco. this is a ad card for Homobile: A Queer Car Service that gets to your destination with style and grace and not a hair out of place. Tomorrow is the Pride Parade and no doubt Homobiles will be in demand for parties all over town. And there's much to celebrate this year - New York congratulations!


A real throwback postcard from the pavement on Folsom Street. Is that the Golden Gate bridge rocking and rolling to steel flowers? Really? Then why is the event across the Bay Bridge, at Oakland Coliseum? Which coincidentally is now called Stadium? I think this is the Love festival, which crowded the San Francisco streets the last few years.

a hike in the woods

Old friend Suzuki Kei sent this old postcard she found while cleaning out the family storehouse at her Tono home. Love the image and love the stamps from 1975.


This 'illuminated' postcard is from PostMuse, who wrote in passing about a new mailbox installed by some neighbors. It looks, she says, like a fish lure. Hard to imagine. I wonder what the mail carrier thinks of it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Blue Mail Box

A postcard of a little blue mail box from a Russian postcrosser also arrived today! Check out that well-used message board next to it. Probably more notes get exchanged there than the through the mail!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

This fabulous altered postcard of the Beatles from a Spanish postcrosser arrived in the mail today. She affixed a leaping statue, which creates a wonderful X across the middle. And added some cut-outs at the top and bottom that survived the mail. Looking closely, the Beatles seem to be adhered to the back folds of an envelope. Quite an interesting idea and something I may try out.

Maps of Where I Live

This German postcrosser from Taunus gave me all kinds of information - real & imagined about her city. I love her "castle, not yet built."

This Taiwanese postcrosser pointed out Danshui, her stop on the Mass Rapid Transit system. I traveled there last year and was impressed with their trains and subways!

Chinese Themes

Yinyan sunny-side up egg from an Austrian postcrosser. She likes to read and her favorite author is Simon Beckett.

A fabu dragon card from a postcrosser in Macau. This card arrived in September last year and I am only a little tardy in posting it here.

Avenida Corrientes

A lovely night view of Obelisco de fondo. When did obelisks fall out of favor architecturally? I love them! This was from a postcrossing couple who like to travel, photograph and play sports.

Men of Riyadh

My first postcrossing card from Saudi Arabia. These are men of Riyadh in ceremonial dress. She altered the card by adding a stamp of Queen Elizabeth and the sticker telling them to look more jolly. The writer is an English woman and she has lived there for 18 years! It made me imagine the old colonial times when Europeans went off to live in far off countries.

gonna get you

I sent this retro card to a postcrosser in Ukraine. She liked it. I wish more people realized that today's free ad cards could be tomorrow's classic.

bragging rights

Sandy Sapienza made this postcard of her cucumbers, which are a lot further along than mine. Of course, Sandy lives in a warmer clime. Still, she's got the bragging rights!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a walk in the zoo

Lynn B. sent this card of a Albert Kogel painted wood relief called A Walk in the Zoo.

valle agricultural

A 64-year-old postcrosser north of Oslo sent this cool card of Valle Agricultural School. She's been a gardener there for over 30 years.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot, Dusty Pyramids

The heat is captured well in this sunny postcard from the pyramids. My friend had taken his brother around for a grand tour. Egypt is on my wish list for a future trip.

Tipsy Troika

This postcrosser scribbled some manga on the pink background, as well as the red faces from all that drinking. Seeminly some strips got torn off at the top & bottom en route.

Barrel of Laughs

Youth! Now is the time to change the world! But laugh a lot along the way! Is I think the message from this Taiwanese postcrosser.

Royal Wedding

Postcrossing card sent by a writer from Chengdu. She is working in the U of London and she sent this felicitous card on her birthday!


Two sinister cards from Jacqueline. The first, an ad card for giclee prints commemorating 9/11. Not sure I'd want to hang one of these in my living room but...
The second card is a postcard of an insane asylum. It makes me wonder why they decided to make postcards out of a place like this. The bare branches in the back ground look particularly sinister. The image feeds into my childhood fears of orphanages and insane asylums.

tokyo tower

A Japanese postcrosser living near Tokyo sent this vivid view of Tokyo Tower and a cute Little Kitty.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

puzzle me this

PostMuse sent this cool puzzle card, with the story behind it. There's a big kitchen at her new job, where people get together for lunch and relax by playing games, including making puzzles. A postage puzzle inspired her to bring in card stock, glue, and some used stamps and everyone got involved in making postcards from them and the puzzle. Too cool! I can hardly wait to try it myself.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


A flag book made with postcards by mail enthusiast Katherine Case. Makes me want to rush home to make one with my postcards!

Location:Fulton St,San Francisco,United States

lijiang old town

This beautiful image of Lijiang's old town was sent by a Chinese postcrsser in Beijing. She wrote that the cobbled streets are paved in five colors of stone but I think they look grand in black and white. The city has an ancient and still working water system. Water is sluiced daily to wash off the streets.

Friday, June 17, 2011

arctic hare

Artist Cyrilla Mozenter emailed to say that she got a kick out of the rabbits on the blog and sent along an image of her most recent work, called Arctic Hare. "It's not mail art," she wrote, "but what the hell." Not mail art but it could be.

st. petersburg rabbit

The St. Petersburg math student used the envelope posted yesterday to send this card of a rabbit. She wrote that it was drawn by an 11-year-old boy named Hasan Bedretdinov, who is a cancer patient. The card, which shows a 'rabbit monument' in St. Petersburg, is part of a project to raise money for his treatment. I was happy to learn there is a rabbit statue in St. Petersburg and I wish Hasan many, many years of drawing.

rabbit stamps

Doll artist Ozawa Yasuko added a collage element to this rabbit stamp from Japan.

The French postcrosser who sent the charming Metz card (below) also sent this Year of the Rabbit stamp as her contribution to the rabbit project.

funny bunny

Fiber artist Sandy Sapienza made use of another vintage book to make this funny bunny card. She even suggested (tongue in cheek) that I copy the template and make a bunny all my own.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

st. petersburg envelope

A 20-year-old math student in St. Petersburg sent her postcard in this charming envelope that she embellished. Love the stamps, too.

vintage x 2

Another 'Italian ice' fountain but this one is in Grand Circus Park (!) in Detroit, Michigan. The card was sent in 1942 by a man traveling with his wife from Wyandotte, Michigan, to Bremen, Indiana. The message suggests that they were on something of a job search.

The stamp on the card above reflects a wartime ethos.

A vintage view of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.