Sunday, August 12, 2012

Road Sign

I love this roadsign card from a psotcrosser in Russia. It reminds me that I'm going on the road soon. My workload has kept me from traveling as freely as I used to. But a series of trips are coming and I'm ready!

Bad Girls of Hong Kong

Here's a fabulous card from a postcrosser in Hong Kong. It's a movie called "Bad Girls." the characters have been all marked up. Notice the halo and horns? 


This howling kitty card is from a postcrosser in Belarus. She embroidered a ribbon onto the box, which was pretty cool. 

Vintage Altered

This first card had beautiful ink splatters on it. The Hello from Russia feels downright like a James Bond message. This postcrosser is going to art school rather than spy school.

Now here's a fabulous retro card of an old tank from a postcrosser in Belarus. The edges are burnt and marked with ink. There's also an explosion from the nozzle scribbled in pen. I just love the alterations on this card!

Summer Cards

A starry starry night card from a postcrosser in Sydney. It was her second attempt, as the first card never arrived. Thank you for your persistence! I love your glittery stars.

A dreamy dance card from a postcrosser in Lithuania. Her exceedingly neat note said she created this according to my wish. I'm so glad she granted my wish because this card is yummy yummy yummy!

This card as sent by a postcrosser from Belarus. The back of it was covered with lipstick kisses. The bright summery colors on this card made me smile. How I wish I were in a field of ripening wheat with wildflowers in my hair. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Black Stamps

Just discovered these gorgeous stamps at the post office today, when I went to renew my PO box. I've been kept away from Little Red because of my workload, but I keep thinking about posting all the cards I've been receiving. It's been almost a year since Jacqueline passed, and I still think of things to discuss with her. It has been a difficult baseball summer. My team, the A's are doing unexpectedly well. Listening to the game on the radio is a great consolation as I slog through a never-ending workload. I could not bear to see the Phillies when they came to town to play the Giants this year. I'm glad that Jacqueline didn't have to live through the heartache of watching the Philliies players dismantled. Bye-bye Shane Victorino. Joe Blanton. Hunter Pence.