Saturday, October 19, 2013


I love this amazing pile of rocks along the ancient coastline of Lauhansarven. Thanks to the Finnish postcrosser who sent it. How did these rocks form? Did a mountain crumble? Mysteries...mysteries...

Thunder Bay Pagoda

The Canadian postcross sprinkled glitter in the area around behind the pagoda and added a couple of stickers. This pagoda has nothing to do with Chinese pagodas. It was built as a tourist attraction for people arriving in town by rail or boat. It is designated as a national historic site.

Humor, Bathroom and Otherwise

Korean character, Jetoy choo choo cat postcard, altered. Card sent by a Dutch postcrosser. I have never heard of Jetoy cats, and this one is really sweet! Interesting assortment of toilet, bidet, towel for bidet, and toilet paper roll.

Altered card from Germany created by kids between 3-8 years old! I especially like the fangs on the girl!

An altered card from Germany. I love the way she traced the lines on the scale on the green background. And the fat lady is a collage! 

Special Delivery

A great mail card from a Dutch postcrosser. I suspect mail-themed postcards like these will disappear soon. If not for postcrossing, there wouldn't be much in the way of interesting mail. Sad that two of my letter-writing friends are no longer here. 

Oakland, My Oakland

My friend Susan sent this marvelous card about Oakland. It is a city much-maligned, but I love going there for their great art, restaurants, baseball, and many other amenities. 

Art for the House

Hospitality House is doing a fundraiser in our gallery next week. This nonprofit provides a daycare art center for the homeless. I've bought many pieces from artists who use their services. I hope we have a great turnout for the fundraiser! 

October 24, 6-10 pm at Arc Gallery, 1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco

A Gritty View

This card was sent by a Dutch feminist postcrosser who was disgusted by the misogynistic portrayal. She punched holes around the portrait punctuating her disgust at the words on the card, which reads something like "Happy Birthday, you have a great ...age." Thanks for making me laugh, dear postcrosser! 

Shanghai Beauties

A vintage reproduction of Shanghai beauties from a postcrosser in Nanjing. I saw a lot of these retro reproductions when I visited Shanghai way back in 2001. I am glad they're going through their archives and bringing these old designs back.

Marilyn with the Red Dress On

This card is going to a Finnish postcrosser who wanted something erotic or something Marilyn. This card certainly fulfills both wishes.

Rail Themes

This card was purchased in the Grand Canyon when I was traveling around with Jacqueline. I can't remember if it was 2009 or 2010. I think it was 2010. Somehow I had come across the brochure for a Grand Canyon train and we decided to ride it. Alas it was very touristy, with a staged, costumed holdup thrown in for the ticket price. Still, the Grand Canyon was breathtaking and it ended up being the last trip we took together. Sending it off to a postcrosser in Japan who likes vintage trains. 

This is a functioning train in Shikoku, Japan. Named "Botchan Ressha" after Natsume Soseki's famous novel, my mom and I took this little train to Matsuyama. I remember it was quite a trip, starting with the bullet train flying over an incredible stretch of rail over the ocean from the mainland to Shikoku. The card is going to a couple in the Netherlands.

Pleasing Graphics

A USPS postcard of a 1947 stamp depicting the NYC skyline. It is going to an Australian postcrosser who requested a postal-themed card.

This is a favorite, depicting the fleet of vintage streetcars (the F line) that run on Market St and along the Embarcadero. These recycled streetcars from all over the world continue to flourish thanks to a long-ago decision made by then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein to resurrect streetcars while our cablecar rails were being replaced. Even after the cable cars returned, we've continued to run these vintage streetcars, and in fact have increased in number each year. It makes me smile each time I see one of these beautiful cars go by and it is one reason I love living in this city.

A Nancy Drew card to be sent to a mystery-loving postcrosser in Switzerland. For some reason the whole series was available in Japan in the 1950's. Though quite expensive in hardbacks, my mom bought me a couple whenever I needed to be consoled. Example: when I had to get my baby teeth pulled at the dentist's, with no anesthesia.

A hot pink Wonder Woman card for a young Polish postcrosser who loves anything pink. My friend Tanya did a mixed media piece on this Amazonian superheroine. If I remember correctly, the character was modeled after creator William Moulton Marston's wife. She was quite a dominatrix.