Wednesday, May 6, 2015


A fabulous vanitas card from a postcrosser in Germany. She works in a pharmaceutical laboratory. The vanitas theme relates to decay and meaninglessness of life, yet this writer is longing for spring, the renewal of life.

Military Bombs and Flying Machines

Here's an interesting card about military intelligence from a postcrosser in Germany. 

Interesting Creatures

The crazy drunken bird was created by a postcrosser from Belarus. She is a first year student of architecture. 

A fun collage of buffalo, bird and wolf by a Polish postcrosser.

This UFO meets Loch Ness Monster was created by a German postcrosser.

Red Lips

Interesting collage of two different images. They work very well together. Work by postcrosser from Rotterdam, Netherlands. The eye goes immediately to the large red lips.

Ah Love!

This lovely altered card arrived from a postcrosser in Belarus. It was originally an ad card but with just a few words, the card became beautiful!