Monday, February 25, 2013

Love Unrequited

I love this card from a German postcrosser. Liebe = love, and she is feeling quite unrequited at the moment. She drew all the demons around her.

A Game Of

A whimsical use of a well-known game on this card.

Creating Partnerships with the Baltics

This postcrosser from Lithuania thought my request for card-altering was crazy and felt very strange damaging the postcard. Hmm interesting interpretation of altered postcards. Nonetheless, I loved the delicate drawings she scratched out on the blue sky, especially the frock atop the bridge.

Beehives and Bones

An intriguing card from a German postcrosser: a composition of bones upon which bees have built their hives. The title of the piece is "Growingt Wild - Dialogue with Bees."

About Me

Work takes me away from blogging periodically, but I'm baaackkk!! Here's a card, not a postcard, from a young woman in Holland. I love her use of post-its to describe who she is is. She wants to correspond but alas I would be a poor respondant with my current lifestyle.

30 Year Anniversary of Creativity Explored

This card was created by Daniel Green, a client artist of CE. They're doing their annual benefit at the Merchant Exchange this year. It's an exciting event where portraits of celebrities are created by the talented artists and funds are raised for their art program. I hope many people will buy tickets to support this amazing organization. I have a large art collection from their many openings. For tickets, go to

Gotochi Cards from Japan

Oriental White Stork

Takoyaki (soup-style octopus balls)

Kobe Port Tower, Mt Rokko. My house is on Nagamineyama, a mountain range very close to Rokko.

Himeji Castle
My mom finally sent me a set of Gotochi cards from Hyogo Prefecture (my nabes). You can only buy these at local post offices and I've been curious about them for about a year. I didn't have time to look for them when I was home last October. But these are very cool shape postcards. Next time I go home, I'm going to visit local post offices so I can collect cards from those prefectures.