Saturday, January 26, 2019


A lively image of a wild boar leaping over a spring seedling. This was my New Year card for this year. 

A jaunty pig drawn by Bill Traylor. It is going to a Postcrosser living in Japan. 

Chinese New Year is coming up on February 5 and I hope to make a visit to Chinatown to take in the festivities.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Women Do It! Postcards Shipped

A variety of postcards in the Women Do It! exhibition. We have 372 entries now and they will be exhibited at the Torpedo Factory in Washington DC in February.

Motorcycles and Hares

Some recent cards sent to Postcrossers. The Dallas postcard depicting JFK and Jackie just before the assassination went to a Postcrosser in the Czech Republic. His profile indicated that he loved motorcycles. The motorcade was the only motorcycle card I had in my vast collection of postcards. Alas, I only received a prefunctory acknowledge of receipt. No doubt JFK didn't even register with this person in a distant country, and he was probably born eons after that tragic day.

The antics of rabbits and frogs went to a Postcrosser in the Netherlands who loves hares and the idea of postcrossing spreading the love around the globe. I echo her sentiments about postcrossing. The card is from the Kyoto screen paintings titled choju giga or frolicking animals. Thought to be ink brush paintings of the 12th century, the artist is unknown. I've always loved these animal images and had the pleasure of visiting the Suntory Museum in Tokyo a number of years ago when these screens and related ones were on display. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shinkansen Stamps

There's a lot of national pride in the continued development of Shinkansen trains and routes. Not long before I visited, they had opened a Hokuriku route, which has made Kanazawa, a formerly backwater town, a major destination. A route to Hokkaido is in the works. The rides are priced nearly as much as airlines tickets, which means, like airlines, JR has to offer discounts. They come in various forms such as sales of tickets through third party discount ticket brokers, block sales to businesses and travel agencies and rail passes for foreigners. The trains are filled to capacity during the holidays and rush hour, but at off-peak hours there are plenty of empty seats. Regardless of the economics, it's a marvel to travel like the wind on one of these trains. This sheet was issued in 2014.

Train Maxi Cards

On my recent trip to Japan I paid a visit to the Kitte Building across from the Tokyo train station. This used to be the main post office before privatization took over. Now it's a fancy office building with a small post office on the ground floor. But what a post office it is! In December the place was filled with customers picking out New Year cards and stamps. One of the positives of privatization is the proliferation of beautiful stamps and mailing items. And at this location, a large selection of stamps is available, along with gotochi cards, postcards, postal-themed stickers and folders, among other things. This collection of full frontal train imagery captured my attention.The postcards are paired with stamps for a Maxicard effect. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


A fabulous vanitas card from a postcrosser in Germany. She works in a pharmaceutical laboratory. The vanitas theme relates to decay and meaninglessness of life, yet this writer is longing for spring, the renewal of life.

Military Bombs and Flying Machines

Here's an interesting card about military intelligence from a postcrosser in Germany. 

Interesting Creatures

The crazy drunken bird was created by a postcrosser from Belarus. She is a first year student of architecture. 

A fun collage of buffalo, bird and wolf by a Polish postcrosser.

This UFO meets Loch Ness Monster was created by a German postcrosser.

Red Lips

Interesting collage of two different images. They work very well together. Work by postcrosser from Rotterdam, Netherlands. The eye goes immediately to the large red lips.

Ah Love!

This lovely altered card arrived from a postcrosser in Belarus. It was originally an ad card but with just a few words, the card became beautiful!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Love & Crime

Two collage cards on the subject of love and crime

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Whimsical Alterations

A card from a Taiwanese postcrosser depicting a fisherman who has caught money, snacks and fruit along with fish.

 A Russian postcrosser purchased this card from an unusual store that combines a free library and lecture hall. She altered it by adding a few stickers and word bubbles.

A sweet card from a postcrosser in Japan. She explained that her favorite shape is a triangle. The alterations are the flying bread. She explained, rather mysteriously, that she does not bread being thrown into her house. I am not familiar with this practice.


This heavily altered card has rose petals, coffee and sugar enclosed. Amazing it made it over here with just one stamp!

Inside and Out

Here is fun altered postcard from a Dutch postcrosser. She drew and cut out the woman and the cat so that we get a view of her from the front and behind. This alteration was made on a card with just the two windows. 

More Sheep

Sheep stamps from my mom!

CNY card from Susan

New Year card from Tomoe

A sheep handmade card from a Dutch postcrosser

Wonderful stamps and cards on the Year of Sheep (or lamb or ram or goat). I am glad to receive these wonderful cards on this year's zodiac beast.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Two Favorites Sent

I have treasured this card by Carmen Lomas Garza, a San Francisco artist. This is a painting of a healer curing an earache. It was mailed to a postcrosser in the Netherlands who is a physiotherapist.

This card was in a pack of movie cards I picked up at the White Elephant sale in January. It's going to a young woman in Poland who asked for a Marilyn Monroe card.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Recent Altered Cards from Postcrossers

Drawn by a young, ill child in Russia

Altered by someone in Russia who doesn't like fat women

Altered by a South African postcrosser. She removed half of the card, then reassembled it back.

A jolly card from Germany. Guys singing songs loudly on the First of May.

A daisy surrounded by lambswool from a postcrosser in Austria

A laced up altered card from Germany

An anti-gun postcard from Australia

An altered Eiffel Tower card from a photographer/artist in Russia


Toyama is along the Sea of Japan and known for their hydroelectric business. I love the thatched roofed houses in this postcard. The postcrosser decorated the back of the card with ribbon and stickers. She used a beautiful stamp illustrating the ancient game of kai-awase.


It's my annual treat and adventure to go to the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale. For a good cause and great shopping!