Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little Blue Mail Box

My last for today....a little blue mailbox form a postcrosser from Kolomna, Russia. I wish there were more mailbox cards like this. Every community should have their version in the postcard stands.


A rather grotesque cat all pimped up.

On the Road

My friend Chanel took a trip to Asian over the winter. The top card is from Japan - a rather philosophical statement about taking a leap of faith. Interesting that the quotation is from someone called Kim. The bottom card is from Macau. It brought back memories of a long-ago business trip there, right before the handover. I had a delicious lunch at a Portugese restaurant. My colleague and I were also taken to an antiques dealer where lots of furniture from China were waiting to be delivered to Cat Street in Hong Kong. He bought a bed to be shipped back to the States and I got a lovely cinnabar-colored box for storing letters.

Colorful Stamps

Pretty pretty pretty stamps from all over the world!

In That Small Cafe

The Portuguese postcross from Lisbon created a mini-story in her postcard. That menancing gun, Inspector Spectacles, the woman the cone breasts....and the chicken has a key role in this tale. Care to connect the dots? 

Boy Meets Girl in Brest

Here's a sweet card from a Belarussian postcrosser. Her wish is to go to Hollywood and grow up to be an actress. Big dreams are good!

Coffee Burns from Belarus

An envelope containing this gorgeous altered card and currency arrived from a Belarussian postcrosser. She writes that she is 24 years old and an economist. She and her husband were in raptures when they read my request for altered cards. They rubbed the postcard on a grater, soaked it in coffee and solvent, and burned the edges of the card. The effect is FABU. I love it when a postcrosser gets into the spirit of play.