Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Heartache and Kisses

An altered card by a Dutch postcrosser made from a birthday card given by ex-boyfriend

An altered card by an Austrian postcrosser of two fishes in love. 

Silver Aloe

My friend Susan sent this beautiful altered card. The use of silver is perfect because these plants have a sliverly sheen to them. Makes me want to make altered cards in my studio straight away!


The front of the card is a tear-streaked poem. On the back, this Chinese postcrosser wrote one large word: HOPE. A very poetic composition from a seventeen year-old girl.

Snake in the Grass

Here is a cool card sent from Pamela in Arkansas, in response to last year's snake theme. She writes, "Snakes slither and snakes sneak cross the porch -- to the window for a peek. Go away snake! Bother me no more! And I'll not slam your head in the door. Fabulous!


This postcrosser card from Russia has an ecrypted message. Each pin represents a French word. The color of the pin represents the number of letters - the bright = 3 letters, dark = 4 letters and darkest = 5 letters. Can someone help me figure this out? 

Novorossiysk City

A beautiful reassembled card from a postcrosser in the Samara Region on the Volga River. This city is a main port on the Black Sea, mostly for exporting grain. The tear marks lend such a lovely design to an otherwise normal scene.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Two More from the Ukraine

This postcrosser wrote, "Don't worry he will come back alive." This card was sent before the trouble with Russian began. Now the card's message lends some poignancy.

The reverse side of htis card has a luscious kiss on it. I love the retro color and images on this postcard. I hope she is keeping safe from all the troubles in her country.


I love this dish of potato latkes sent by a Belarus postcrosser! She burned the top right edge of the card and crumpled it up as part of her alterations. Still, the golden potato pancakes look delicious!


Here is a wonderful card from my friend Susan. It was a good luck card that arrived just before my trip to Chicago. Unlike the snowy Midwest, this card is full of sunshine. But like the conference in Chicago, it's a line-up of ladies of a certain age.

Greetings from San Francisco

An unexpected mail art card arrived. The front was a very San Francisco cable car card but the back was ful of interesting information. The cancellation is that of the SF Center for the Book. 

Genie from Kiev

Here is a fabulous genie card from a postcrosser in Kiev. I hope she is keeping safe amidst the troubles in her country. In response to my acknowledgement of the card and my concern for her safety she wrote that the situation there is indeed very difficult. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Some Cards Sent

A postcrosser in Germany requested a handmade card. This card was made during a particularly harried time when the only time off I got was to make a batch of jello. Weird pleasure, I know.

A postcrosser in the Netherlands wanted a "book" card of any kind. I happened to pick up a batch of pulp fiction poscards at this year's Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale. I used to love these salacious book covers - the actual stories were never any good though. 

A postcrosser from the Ukraine wanted a happy card. This is one of my favorite cards from NYC of a bunch of guys frolicking during a frosh-soph rush at Columbia U. This tradition had died out by the time I attended that school in the 1970's.

And then...there is the Belarus postcrosser who collects cat statues. These are Egyptian mummy cats from the San Jose Rosicrucian Museum. I hope she enjoys them as much as I do!


After many months away on the job I am back! And what better way than to share this fabulous cosmonaut card from a postcrosser in Russia. What is he saying? "To infinity and beyond!" Or...some other inspiring phrase...I feel like I've been on a space journey myself...to strange & distant lands filled with ice and snow and women in all sizes and shapes. It will take a few weeks of decompression to get back to planet earth. Meanwhile, my city is warm and wet and sunny all at the same time. So glad to be back home.