Thursday, May 31, 2007

animals from down under

three postcards by isabel, age 6, from queensland, australia, crayon and glitter

star-spangled banner

large postcard with star-spangled banner, sent
by mr. potani

flags, ocean waves, and sharks eating fishies

mixed media postcards by three-and-a-half-year old
twins alistair and jonathan of davenport, california,
who love the fabulous monterrey aquarium.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


A Second Postcard from Nine Year-old Risa.
Felt tip pen and crayon drawing. What is that blue thing coming from the house? Risa's favorite sport is karate and she has a green belt.

Let's Play!

A Second Postcard from Eleven Year-old Yuki
She enjoys drawing and art


Postcard from Nine Year-old Nile of Kobe, Japan
A fish, a pig and a cowboy wearing a nine-gallon hat. Nile likes to play catch.


Postcard from Eleven Year-old Yuki of Kobe, Japan
She likes vegetable stamps.

Japanese Vegetables

Postcard by Risa of Kobe, Japan
Crayon and stamp art of lotus root, okra and peppers

Umbrellas and Boots

Postcard by Nine Year-old Yoshitaka, Kobe Japan
Crayon drawing of rain, puddles and rain gear


Postcard by Seven Year-Old Fumiya of Kobe, Japan
Origami birds and a little red fish in the corner. I imagine it's a picture of Kobe with the ocean in front, mountains in the back and houses in between.

Art First

Beautiful Painted Cardboard Postcard by A. Kara of Oakland, CA

Large Postcard

Large Mixed Media Postcard from A. Karol of Oakland, CA
Cardboard card Measures 16"x 11.75 inches. The front of the card has large plastic letters, tape, paper and acrylic paint. Back of the card has paint and tape and beautiful postage stamps.

Stripes Circles Squares

Postcards by Mr Potani

Glimmer Cards

Postcards by Mr Potani
Three shiny sea creatures and a lenticular card.


Fabric Postcards by Mr Potani
Top two images drawn with watercolor crayons. Bottom left is fragment of Durham Bulls cap.

Variations in Blue

Fabric Postcards by Mr Potani
All made from scraps and fragments.

Sticker Variations

Eight Fabric Cards by Mr Potani
I incorporatedDover Patriotic Stickers with muslin sacks and scrap fabric

Mixed Media

Postcards by Mr Potani

Four Floursack Cards

Postcards by Mr Potani

Variations in Red

Four Fabric Postcards by Mr Potani

Love and Haven't Had a Drink

Large Collaged Envelope and Card from A. Sanfilippo, Albany, CA
Both the envelope and card were collaged with old letters, envelopes and cards.

Large Envelope

Large Envelope/Small Drawing by Chevalier Daniel C Boyer of Houghton, Michigan
A large RWB envelope arrived with gorgeous stamps of tiffany lamps, toleware and star wars. Inside was a little drawing. In a quiet landscape with two moons above, a red alien stuck out its tongue to eat the music floating above him.

Two postage stamps created by Mr Potani
I used to prefer Zazzle but they went to a weird glossy paper that obscures the image. images are smaller but they still use the matte paper that produces quite lovely results.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Variations on "F"

Fabric Postcards by Mr Potani
"Fine," "Fringe" and "Flocking" cards were made yesterday at my studio. "Fine" combines a dark blue satiny fabric, red velvet and a flour sack. "Fringe" is made of 2 cotton fabrics. The plaid fabric was loosely woven so was perfect for fringeing. "Flocking" combines a flocked maroon/white fabric with a starred ribbon. The fabric was given to me by a good friend while we were clearing out her mother's house. Her mother had had a stroke and was living in a care facility in the East Coast. Her mother passed away earlier this year and this fabric brings many fond memories.

Chopstix Flag

Made in USA Postcard by Stevenspat
Ink and pencil drawings over a vintage postcard. The blue ink is a great play on the blue/white designs on chinaware. This photo must have been taken at a time when Asian food was as mysterious as the Orient. How things have changed!

Abstract Painting II

Feminist Artist Rusty Cantor's Postcard
Rusty sent me a second RWB painting on a postcard. She painted over a postcard announcing a previous show of hers. This is a wonderfully effective way of reusing one's postcards.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


bazooka box mailed by mr potani from san francisco
to pennsylvania, arrived intact

Thursday, May 24, 2007


collage postcard by jacqueline
popcorn box, sticker, tags

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

slovak spring

collage postcard by jacqueline

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Head in a Plastic Bag

Mail Art by artist Tanya Wilkinson
Painted mask and a mass of red yarn stuffed into a clear plastic bag. Arrived intact.

Abstract Card

Painted Postcard by Rusty Cantor, feminist artist.
View shows front and back of card. She told me that she is color-blind so she cannot be blamed for stretching the color palette a bit.

Marine Life

Four Fabric Cards by Mr Potani
Anemone and seaweed shapes from fabric bits.

RWB Buttons

Jacqueline RWB Button Card
Birthday card with glued buttons mailed to Mr Potani.

hip-hip-hooray hat!

paper hat by jacqueline, mailed as shown above (no box) from the excellent hunter's point post office in san francisco and delivered five days later in the very same shape to pennysylvania

paper hat, stickers, tissue used to stuff the crown

bottled stars

bottle with stars by sandra sapienza,
mailed from maryland to pennsylvania
plastic bottle, star beads, staple

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ribbons and Muslin Sacks

Postcards by Mr Potani
A series of fabric postcards made from scrap ribbons and muslim sacks. Most of the materials came from SCRAP, a fabulous recycle store for artists and teachers in San Francisco.

Flag Variations

Postcards by Mr Potani
Fabric postcard variations on the Tricoleur, Union Jack and the Stars n Stripes.


Postcards by Mr Potani
Four fabric postcards with horizontal lines.

painted bottle

bottle by jacqueline, mailed from springtown
to san francisco
plastic juice bottle, acrylics, hershey's kiss stamps

Saturday, May 19, 2007

rwb pun

postcards by sandra sapienza
stamped and printed


postcard by jacqueline
felt-tip pen

refreshing rwb

postcard by sandra sapienza
stitched cloth and label

crane + clouds

postcard by jacqueline
origami, stickers, and clear envelope

Friday, May 18, 2007

Super Star

Postcard by Mr Potani
Receipt from Hong Kong restaurant, fragments of paper lantern and momigami.


Seven Dragon Cards by Mr Potani
Chinese funeral and Indian paper collage postcards