Thursday, October 16, 2014

Field of Poppies

I love this field of poppies with a house in the background. It was sent by a Polish postcrosser living in Przysucha, Poland. These flowers evoke times of war for me.

Cut and Reassemble

Here's a cool way to cut up and then reassemble the card. The postcrosser from Germany laminated the card and left a little space between the pieces to create a line effect.

Beauty in Nature

A gorgeous tree from Taiwan. This postcrosser subtly added faces on some of the leaves. I love how the sunlight fills the leaves. The bird card is from a postcrosser in Costa Rica. It is my first card from that country. The birds are (top left to right): Quetzal, woodpecker, toucan, parrot, jacano, toucan and hummingbird.

Swirly Hearts

I love this colorful swirly hearts card from Portugal. She wasn't satisfied with her creation but I love the movement and spontaneity of this  piece.

Seated and...

Googly eyes eating eggs in a cup in Finland

Opening mail in Belarus

Enjoying their only-child beloved status in China

Having a funny fishing experience in Poland

Pretty Stamps from All Over

Clockwise from the top: silver Russian snowboarder, Sunbeam Alpine stamp with handwritten cancellation from Russia, Finnish accordion player, Slovenian trio celebrating the year of chrystallography, modern furniture from Sweden, a wheel of cheese from Poland.  

Sunny from Yekaterinaburg

Here's a handmade card from Vlad, a high-school student in Russia. I love his happy creation! He enjoys drawing, reading, photographing and collecting stamps.