Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Revelstoke Dam

This dam is one of the largest hydroelectrical facilities in North America. As the Canadian postcrosser points out, she built the fifth unit. Amazing!

Whistle While You Work

Love this sunset card from a Dutch postcrosser. She mentioned that she had her dog treck mud over the card, but it must have come off in the mail. 

Love is All Around

The Dutch postcrosser burned the edges all around, and created a hole on the right. Then she punched holes and sewed with yarn. This card arrived intact with stamp.

this German postcrosser added some love stickers to an otherwise bland card. Love the effect!


This gorgeous oversized card is from Tanya - a birthday card! She always creates the most amazing card with paper and medium. She's been doing a number of pieces on Grimm's tales. This one can be some sort of myth from the Roman days. Always fun to open the envelope and see the gorgeous work inside.

Dragon & Castle

The fantasy castle card is from a postcrosser in Minsk and the dragon card is from my husband, a birthday card. We're both dragon year birthdays - his is coming up in July. I really like these two cards juxtaposed. There needs to be a story that goes with them...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Through the Cards Darkly

This fine drawing card with tiny stickers is from Taiwan. The handwriting of this postcrosser is as delicate as the drawing.

This Latvian card ranks among my all-time favorite altered card. The drawing ink poured over this card left a molasses-like gooey look. The card isn't sticky at all, however. Dark and fabulous!

This altered John Lennon card was created by the son of a British postcrosser. I used to love to play with lettering like this when I was in high school!!!

Four Humorous Cards

This cheery smiley card is from the Netherlands. The postcrosser adhered shiny stickers all around and painted the card a hot pink.

This colorful card is from Australia and advertizes humor.

I love this mosquito card from Finland. She used the empty frames remaining from a sheet of stamps to create the screen. Brought back memories of hiking in Sweden in the summer. I foolishly wore black leggings, which attracted all the mosquitos to my legs.

I love the irreverence of this mustachioed Buddha card from Japan.

Altered Pets

The top card is from a Ukranian postcrosser who drew all over a conventional card. The cat's body is strangely distorted. The bottom card from a Dutch postcrosser who purchased a card of a dog dressed up like a bee. The dog looks so sad...


I love this dragon card created by a Japanese postcrosser. She used a dragon New Year card and drew the green tail on the right side. The stamps she used on the reverse was fabu as well.


Two handmade cards from the remaining FIPS team. The top one is created by Susan and the bottom by Irma. We miss Frannie but the tradition continues. We went to a great all-day symposium on Latina artists at the Galeria de la Raza.

Garment Industry

I love this card from Slovenia that depicts a garment worker. It reminded me of my past life, inspecting factories for human rights violations. 


 It must be time for lambs to be born in Europe. These arrived on the same day from two separate postcrossers. The top one is from the Netherlands and the bottom from Germany. Though unaltered, I really enjoyed these cards.


This Australian postcrosser created a doggy sticker card from an RSPCA postcard. These letters stand for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. So are we being cruel to this sweet pug? The leash implies his appetite needs to be held in check.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Size Matters

This cool announcement for a Peninsula WCA show was sent by Cosette Dudley. We've stayed in touch via mail, our preferred mode of connecting. Cosette is a fabulous artist - a printmaker, sculpture, and mixed media artist.

Lovingly Crumpled

This postcrosser from Hong Kong drew this picture on a plain card, then crumpled it before mailing it to me. I love texture she achieved. She writes that she is a wool crafter and likes making wooly pet memorials for pet owners.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Life is Sweet

This Lithuanian postcrosser said the translation of above is "Life is sweet...or not." I love the combination of chocolate and chile peppers - both New World delectables but now spread all over the world. Indeed life is bittersweet. 

Alien Ladies

This Dutch postcrosser rubbed the card all over the floor, then painted the three women on the scooter, then layered with tape. The sticker was contributed by her niece. I love the rubbed off effect.


A sweet duckling from a postcrosser in Germany. The writer hated to paint on the card. I noted that the sender posted an unaltered version of the card on Postcrossing.

Club Cards

These cards were left on my windshield yesterday. I think the top club indulges in some sort of kink games and the bottom one has to do with trannies impersonating famous rock stars from the 80's. 


I picked up these cards from SOMArts the other day and thought they were cool Went to peops.org to see what they were about but the website is under construction.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Irregular Movie

This Russian postcrosser collaged a card, then put tape on top to preserve the pieces. It's quite a stunning piece. She lives in the Siberian city of Tyumen and enjoys going to the twice-year "Irregular Movie Festival." Why irregular? It's a festival of arthouse movies with subtitles (not dubbed) and viewers are denied the usual popcorn and beer. LOL. All the movies in the States are irregular too - beer is never on the menu.


Here's a funky altered card from a postcrosser in Australia. She is a young university student who likes altered cards. This one is pin-pricked, collaged, drawn on, and cut into. It's also an Australian version of Uncle Sam.  

Retro News Nuance

I love this collage card from an Indonesian postcrosser. This postcrosser writes that this card is the biggest effort in making a post card so far. In looking at her profile, I learned that she is a feminist and dreams of becoming a pro-diver. The text translates into "something good shouldn't be expensive."

Punk Vamp

 This Polish postcrosser created a gorgeous vampire punk card with glitter and paint, pen, stud and safety pins.