Tuesday, January 20, 2009

railway journeys

My kind of ad card. Check the publication out at www.irtsociety.com.

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Eleanor Flagler Hardy said...

We are honored to have the cover of our annual special edition of our magazine, The International Railway Traveler, recognized on the Little Red Mail Box! We love great design and of course great photographs. This publication is full of both, designed to make you hop on the very next train! The photograph was taken by our most senior associate, Angela Walker, while on assignment, taking a beautiful train called the Hiram Bingham in Peru. It was not set up, photo-shopped or anything else. The design was done by Steve Sebree, who has been our designer for 26 years and is a consummate artist and professional. Owen C. Hardy is publisher, and he and the staff spent months and months making this publication reality. Please enjoy. You may download a copy free of charge from our web site.