Sunday, December 25, 2011

Finding Dragons

My husband has been looking for dragon postcards to send out as nengajo. Surprisingly, none of the Japanese stores stock New Year's cards, even though they offer so much in the way of New Year food. Since I wasn't planning a trip to Japan in the next few days, I decided to make 24 cards for him as a Christmas gift.


Hester said...

Hi, These cards are great, how did you make the images? Great work of art.

mrpotani said...

I start by collaging on a large sheet of paper. Used scraps leftover from Japanese and Chinese ephemera. Glue sticked them on. Pressed the large sheet under weights for a couple of hours to dry and meld. Flipped over the sheet to the blank side, measured out 3x4 inch rectangles, cut up using exacto knife. My designs are freer when I work on large surfaces, then reduce down. I also like the randomness of the final pieces when I leave the cutting to chance.