Monday, January 10, 2022


I am organizing a postcard exhibit with the theme, I Do Believe, on opinions about abortion. The woman’s right to abortion in the United States became Federal law on January 22, 1973 through the Supreme Court Case, Roe v. Wade. Individual states could no longer have their own laws that would contradict the provisions of this Supreme Court decision. But the passage of Roe v. Wade did not put the issue of abortion rights to rest. Recent cases under review in the Supreme Court may change or overturn abortion rights in many States. There are widespread disagreements among United States politicians, media, and citizens about abortion. I would like to receive your personal point of view about this complex and difficult topic.    

To participate, please write on the front of your card (the side with the picture) your belief on either right to life (against legalized abortion) or right to choose (legalized abortion). It can be a few words, one sentence, or a paragraph. You do not have to be an artist to participate. It can be in English or any country's language.

The card should be the standard postcard size of 6 x 4 inches (148 x 105 mm in Europe). You can use any commercial postcard or you can create your own. You can mail your postcard with or without an envelope. For all postcards received, I will black out the name of the sender to safeguard anonymity. 

The purpose of this exhibition is to share beliefs, opinions and experiences on all sides of this issue. Postcard comments will be documented in this mail art blog. From August 29 - September 26, 2022, the postcards will be exhibited together, without prejudice or judgement, at the Vargas Gallery, Mission College in Santa Clara. Postcards will not be returned.

The deadline is June 30, 2022.  Mail your postcard to : I Do Believe, c/o P. Otani, PO Box 31083, San Francisco, CA 94131.

I hope that you will share your thoughtful, heart-felt beliefs, whatever they may be, on this complex and important subject. Please share this call for postcards with your friends and organizations.