Saturday, November 8, 2014

Eight in One

What a surprise! I received eight cards in one envelope from a Taiwanese postcrosser. Nothing was written on them and they were a jumble of types (ad cards and regular) and images. However, I had received two anxious emails from him last week, asking if I had received the cards yet. He thought he had sent seven, but there was an extra one. Having no other message to give me a clue as to why he sent this assortment, I decided to create a story linking all of them together.
Once upon a time, a doctor was treating a patient who was addicted to Belgian waffles. The patient came from a farming village famous for its buckwheat. Between big bites of his waffle, the patient said that the buckwheat farmers were actually animals and they cast a spell on him. The doctor asked a detective to see if this was true. The detective was "hung like an outlaw," but he was afraid that he too would become bewitched. He assigned his assistant to sleuth things out. Fearless, she launched her dragon boat powered by youthful trainees. They rowed day and night until they arrived in the land of buckwheat. They were greeted by a group of goofy animals, who gave them a place to stay and plied them with delicious waffles and milk. In the morning assistant and her crew were transformed into waffle monsters.