Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nouvel An Chinois

A beautiful sheet of horse stamps arrived from Rebecca in Mountain View. She purchased these in Paris recently. As she charmingly put it, "I used my Midwestern-accented college French to successfully negotiate the purchase of postcard stamps. At the post office, I noticed these beautiful Year of the Horse stamps and bought them on impulse."

Thank you Rebecca, for sending these fabulous stamps! I also loved the story about your sister and her complete immersion in horses. Although I lived in a big city in Japan, I too, went through a horse period. Black Beauty was one of my favorite reads, as was Flicka. I owned a couple of porcelain horse statues. I studied Japanese picture books on different types of horses.  There was a dairy farm on Mt. Rokko and I took horse-riding lessons for a brief period. I never got very good at riding, but did get to experience a real horse. Then, the obsession passed. 

As for post offices - that obsession stays with me. Traveling in the US and around the world, I invariably visit the post office. Each place is special and each place provides access to unexpectedly beautiful stamps that are lovely souvenirs of the place visited.