Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Day I Discovered Contacts

Was a total revelation. It was in Manhattan in 1975 at a shady optometrist's office. They did a lot of ads in the paper and when I went there it was bedlam. The place was filled with patients and the doctor, the one in the ads, was rushing from room to room with a carton of ocular lenses.When my turn came, he held a lens up to my eyes and asked if I could see. It was something out of the Marx Brothers. I knew this guy had to be a sham. Still, I really wanted a pair of Bausch + Lomb soft lenses. And I got them! The next visit, the place had changed hands and I got a more professional exam and fitting. That was many moons ago and I still love wearing soft lenses. A cute reminder card arrived from my current optometrist the other day. Now it seems soft contact lenses are being phased out by lasik surgeries. I don't believe in them and feel lucky that my optometrist bucks the trend.