Saturday, June 15, 2013

Something to Say

I think it would be a great idea to have a "Bring Your Dog to Work Day." On the back Canadian postcrosser Lukasz wrote 3 reasons why I'm fabulous: 1)Yr. left index finger 2) Yr thumbs 3) Yr eyebrows
Hmm...these are parts of my body I've never considered as assets. However, I just lost my favorite brow groomer so am in the market for a replacement!

 This card was a joint effort by the children of a Brazilian postcrosser. The two kids wrote: "We think it's (altering postcards) very strange and you're cool! But we find that crazy too.
This sleepy time card is from a Dutch postcrosser. It's a romantic notion. I have slept in a bed similar to this during my travels. It is a torture bed. It is too narrow and the pillow keeps falling off. In the morning you wake up completely stiff from trying to hang on and not fall off. I did not dream of cupcake bushes and butterflies.