Thursday, August 9, 2012

Black Stamps

Just discovered these gorgeous stamps at the post office today, when I went to renew my PO box. I've been kept away from Little Red because of my workload, but I keep thinking about posting all the cards I've been receiving. It's been almost a year since Jacqueline passed, and I still think of things to discuss with her. It has been a difficult baseball summer. My team, the A's are doing unexpectedly well. Listening to the game on the radio is a great consolation as I slog through a never-ending workload. I could not bear to see the Phillies when they came to town to play the Giants this year. I'm glad that Jacqueline didn't have to live through the heartache of watching the Philliies players dismantled. Bye-bye Shane Victorino. Joe Blanton. Hunter Pence.