Friday, January 13, 2012

Those Darned Mites!!

A wonderful card arrived from Derrick Dodson, one of this blog's readers. It's a bit of icky factoid about bed mites but I love weird stuff so THANKS!!! He writes that he has started hardwriting letters again. Bravo! Please continue. I recently got an acknowledgement from a postcrosser chiding me for my illegible handwriting. She actually used the F-word!!! LOL. Actually.....Jacqueline and I always prided ourselves in our "illegibility." That's what makes handwritten letters so much fun. It slows the reader down. Forces the writer's character upon the reader. I consider handwriting a part of my "art" and being able to actually read it, is secondary. Of course, I am often annoyed with bad grammar and poor spelling. Which I tend to do more often when typing because my fingers fly too fast on the keyboard. And I am irritated by the self-correcting features of my Iphone and Pad. The assumptions made by them are often presumptuous. But then, let's not get into an argument about Apple vs PC. I am, and have been, a fan of the latter.  

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Derrick said...

So glad those are starting to be received. Yes my handwriting SUCKS. When you haven't had to use it in oh.. 25+ years you just kind of let it go and block print everything for the legibility factor.

I'm working on some new disturbing factoids. Just gathered the art work, so be on the look out :)