Friday, January 13, 2012

Those Darned Mites!!

A wonderful card arrived from Derrick Dodson, one of this blog's readers. It's a bit of icky factoid about bed mites but I love weird stuff so THANKS!!! He writes that he has started hardwriting letters again. Bravo! Please continue. I recently got an acknowledgement from a postcrosser chiding me for my illegible handwriting. She actually used the F-word!!! LOL. Actually.....Jacqueline and I always prided ourselves in our "illegibility." That's what makes handwritten letters so much fun. It slows the reader down. Forces the writer's character upon the reader. I consider handwriting a part of my "art" and being able to actually read it, is secondary. Of course, I am often annoyed with bad grammar and poor spelling. Which I tend to do more often when typing because my fingers fly too fast on the keyboard. And I am irritated by the self-correcting features of my Iphone and Pad. The assumptions made by them are often presumptuous. But then, let's not get into an argument about Apple vs PC. I am, and have been, a fan of the latter.