Monday, May 23, 2011

my old magariya

This card is from a photo taken by a friend took shortly after I moved into this house in the mountains of Tono. The friend, who lived in Kyoto, was attending a haiku conference in the region and decided on a whim to visit. My phone was not yet installed so there was no way for her to get in touch. Little did she know that the house was a hike through the countryside from the nearest little rural train station. After getting lost and wandering to the next hamlet, she asked directions at a house and met the woman to whom I sent the card below. Eventually, they both showed up at my door. My Kyoto friend now lives near Victoria, BC, and the other woman became one of my dearest friends in Tono. The house is now gone. As Tony Bruno might say were he a postcard fan, "That's good postcard knowledge."