Sunday, March 13, 2011

miyazawa kenji

Yesterday afternoon I started watching Fuji TV, streaming live with non-stop coverage of the unfolding disasters. Watching the coverage by reporters embedded in what used to be towns up and down the Pacific coast, I had to think of Miyazawa Kenji, a poet, writer (of children's books), agronomist, astronomer, and vegetarian Buddhist. Kenji was born in Hanamaki, in Iwate prefecture, and died there in 1933 at age 37. He devoted the last ten years of his life to trying to better the lives of impoverished peasants in his home prefecture. I love Kenji's writings and admire his life. It was a thrill to live in his 'homeland' of Ihatov for my last 10 or so years in Japan. Kenji also studied Esperanto. Ihatov is the Esperanto version of the prefecture's name.

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Linda said...

Dear Jacqueline,
I was worried that you were still in Iwate and I'm greatly relieved to find you in Pennsylvania. I was in Tokyo last week but now at home in France. I'm glued to the Japan news. I'm relieved that all my friends are safe but saddened by the terrible loss of life in the Sendai area. Hope you are well.
Linda Laddin