Tuesday, December 21, 2010

holiday flora

Tokyo friend Motoko always sends smashing Christmas cards. This one is a beautiful papercut showing prunus mume, or Japanese flowering apricot which, with bamboo and pine, is associated with the New Year.

The holly maze in Williamsburg, Virginia, was patterned after one at Hampton Court. I sent the card to a postcrosser in Estonia who is going to gardening school. The holly tree alongside the summer kitchen here is laden with berries this year. I can only imagine what the maze hollies look like.


PostMuse said...

The USPS Lunar New Year stamp next year features apricots. It is very pretty. And the first of what will be Forever® postage on all commemorative stamps.

PostMuse said...

Hmmm ... maybe they aren't apricots. The new Forever® program was hinted at here and announced here, with a picture of the new Lunar New Year postage. Maybe those are persimmons?

jacqueline said...

They appear to be oranges, one of several fruits associated with Chinese New Year. I think they connote wealth.