Thursday, December 9, 2010

pots, pots, pots

Willi Singleton is showing new pots from his fall firing this weekend and next at Pine Creek Pottery, located at the foot of Hawk Mountain in Kempton, Pennsylvania. (610.756.6387 or I'm always curious to see the original illustrations that Willi draws for the announcement cards for his shows. He now sends the cards first as an email attachment, but still follows up with the real thing.

Willi, who trained in Japan, fires his pots in a fabulous wood-fired kiln that he built himself. It's worth a visit to his pottery just to see the kiln. Earlier this autumn, I sent this postcard, of a 19th-century stoneware kiln in Indiana, to Willi. It reminded him, he said, of the old groundhog kilns of North Carolina.