Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I received this email from Hungary. The deadline for submission is coming up very quickly - August 29, 2008 - so send your submissions right away! The postcards I sent are displayed in the blog above.

The 2nd International SpanishFlu Mail Art Biennial
Miskolc, Hungary
Ifjúsági és Szabadidõ Ház, October 2008

The SpanishFlu NetJournal of Art presents
The 2nd International SpanishFlu Mail Art Biennial
on the occasion of the Renaissance Year 2008.

The Hungarian Electrographic Art Society
The Department of Economics and International Affairs at the University of Debrecen
The House of Youth and Leisure, Miskolc

This exhibition is the second element of a three-parts biennial organized in the framework of the SpanishFlu NetJournal of
Art's project called 'The Cultural Webroom of Europe 2010'.

We would be honoured to see you among the participants of the exhibition.

The exhibition is exclusively held for works of the theme concerned, created for this occasion and sent by conventional post.

All the art works will be displayed independently of its form, size, material, technology, if it arrives as a postcard, a letter or a package. Any other type of work delivered in an envelope or in wrapping also will be exhibited if it not only has a link to the topic of R_ENAISSANCE but refers to the mail art as well. Number of works is unlimited. Mail art can be two or three-dimensional works of art posted 'uncovered' and those put into an envelope (or other 'cover') whether they are drawings, graphics, photos, paintings, art stamps, seal prints, art books, objects or other works of art connected to the topic stated. Feel free to use the most postal elements or extra services possible (spectacular stamps, registered letter, special delivery) in order to decorate your mail art work.

The digital catalogue of the exhibition is expected to be seen at www.mailart.hu in English in the 9th October, 2008, the day of the Word Post Day.

Beside the pictures of the collection, a photo and the biography of the author will also be included. You are kindly requested to visit www.spanyolnatha.hu/reneszansz, fill in the Information Form and forward it to us by pressing the 'Send' button, on 1st September 2008 the latest. Information Forms are only accepted via Internet. Only those authors' pieces of works will be included in the catalogue whose photo and biography is also attached.

For more information on the Rennaisance Year in English visit www.spanyolnatha.hu/reneszansz.

Mail art works sent to the exhibition comes to the property of the Marcelland International Art Collection.

Organizer institutions establish an International Mail Art Award. Each Award-winners are given a diploma and have the opportunity for an individual web-exhibition of their works in the SpanishFlu NetJournal of Art in 2008.

Award-winners are to hold the opening ceremony of their exhibitions in the House of Youth and Leisure, Miskolc, on the occasion of the premieres of the SpanishFlu editions.

Mail art works are to post to the address below:
Spanyolnátha, 3504 Miskolc, Postafiók: 77.

Deadline of arrival: 29 August, 2008.

(Art works arrive over the deadline can be participated in the exhibition, but will not be included in the catalogue.)