Thursday, February 14, 2008


That's the name of a marvelous book of vintage postcards put out by Darling & Company of Seattle. I noticed the book while picking up an order at my local indie book shop last week. I'd already paid up, then actually left the shop, figuring I'd pick up the cards the next time. But good sense kicked in and I rushed back to buy the book before it disappeared. Its 30 postcard reproductions are from the golden age of postcards (1893-1918) and some, like the rabbits playing baseball to stands packed with solemn peeps, are bizarrely wonderful. Most of the cards feature rabbits, peeps, and eggs. Rabbits do lots of the painting and delivering, by cart or by locomotive, of the eggs. This is a great book of postcards. I've already found about 10 themed to specific interests of friends, not to mention my own flavors.