Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mailart Call for Entry in Caillouel, France!

I received this call for entry in my other mailart blogsite, Since that site is for another organization, I will post this call here. I checked out their site: They already have a large number of interesting entries.

Hello,We have a new mailart project for 2007/2008, can you translate and put this project in your blog ?Thanks a lot.

Theme: You have two possibilities: In the first, your mail art may be on the topic of recycling.

Secondly, your mail art may be on the topic of your choice but created only with materials which have been reused, in order to create a "recycled" work.

Format et technique: free.Documentation: catalog to all participants and online with weekly updates at PROJET D'ART POSTAL 2007/2008 - LE RECYCLAGE

Deadline to be received: June 15, 2008.PROJET RECYCLAGE 2007/2008ECOLE PRIMAIRE MIXTE02300 CAILLOUEL-CREPIGNYFrance