Monday, June 25, 2007

greetings from suomi

this pretty card, complete with a sweet moomin stamp, is the first postcard i received after joining late this may. i added the postcrossing address to put the card into the post office display. a portuguese guy named paulo magalhaes who likes getting stuff in the mail started postcrossing a couple of years ago for other people who like to get stuff in the mail. it's a great way to get postcards for free from people all over the world. send a card, get a card is the basic premise. check out the website to see how it works. more than 500,000 cards have already been sent; another 300,000+ are in the mail. in this first month, i've sent 11 cards that have been received, have 5 traveling, and have received 8. some of the cards are interesting for the card, the stamps, the message, or the country, or for some combination of those elements. even the blandest message seems to reveal something about the sender. mr potani also joined postcrossing and we'll both be posting postcards from it in future.