Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two Kinds of Flags

A lovely Soviet-era postcard from a postcrosser in Russia. She said this card was printed in 1976, well before she was born. Interesting Disneyesque effect with the castle and magical fireworks. 

A touching postcard form a postcrosser in Taiwan. This amazing Tibetan prayerflag card is written in Japanese and printed by the Qinghai-Tibet International Travel Service. The ground is littered with old, decayed prayer flags and in the background, granite mountain ranges.

Recent Cards Sent

Picked up this civil war re-enactment card in Virginia recently. I've observed these re-enactments in New England and Pennsylvania. I wonder if they would be re-enacting 9/11 a hundred years from now? Sending this card to a postcrosser in Malaysia.

An owl inside a sagauro cactus. This card is going to a postcrosser in the Netherlands. He's an anthropologist and wanted cards with animals or birds on them.

Petition for Change

Riko would like to change our organization's name to something more attractive to the younger generation. She sent me a card and envelope filled with with suggestions.

St Sebastian

Geoffrey sent this card from Milan. It seemed symbolic of his current circumstances.

Summertime in NYC

Susan sent this card from a recent trip to New York. The card has that hazy, humid quality of a New York summer. Her purse got searched at the Statue of Liberty. They thought they saw a knife through the scanner. Turned out to be a nail clipper. I had a similar incident in Mexico many years ago. My toe nail clippers were nearly confiscated. Luckily, I had a friend who spoke Spanish fluently. They ended up laughing and returning the clippers to me. 


Shoes by Laron Bickerstaff at Creativity Explored. Their new show runs through October 1 and features shoes created by artists at CE. This nonprofit provides space and materials for artists with developmental disabilities to create, exhibit and sell art.  

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Elephant Guardians

 These elephants line the road to the Ming Tombs in Beijing. It was sent by a 14 year old postcrosser living in Beijing. He comments that my demand for altered postcards was interesting. In his message, he incorporated cut up phrases from an English language magazine. 


A beautiful card from Vinnitsa, Ukraine. This postcrosser enjoys reading, singing, riding a bike and swimming.

A lovely card showing all the products from Ilocos. They've got everything from empanadas to weavings to sauces and sausages.

Pleasing Stamps

The stamps on the top are from Hong Kong and the lovely Christmas stamps are from Russia. Dreaming of Christmas in July....


Something queasy about the top card from a postcrosser in Holland. This is apparently a TV series about an aggressive father. I wonder if it is a comedy? The lower card is from a Ukrainian postcrosser, who picked up the card in Denmark. I always associated "quiet" with something pleasant, "loud" as something unpleasant. 


Three cards that incorporate words in their design. The top card is from Hong Kong, made by cutting out words from a magazine and using a marker and stickers. The middle card is from a writer in China. She altered the faces and added some of her own text to add some humor. The bottom card is from Hong Kong, with wording and imagery complimenting the beautiful postage stamp.

Gothic Fantasy

The top card of a mysterious winged cat is from a Taiwanese postcrosser. The middle card is from a fantasy novel fan also from Taiwan. And the bottom card, burned and charred, is from a postcrosser in Lithuania.

Topsy Turvey

I am a fan of over the top multiview cards such as this one sent by a Swiss postcrosser. She altered this otherwise rigid grid layout by randomly adding stickers. I love this disruption!


Susan sent this card in February, soon after our annual trip to the Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale. This is a very valuable card as it gives the layout of the huge warehouse and shows the categories of items. I know this layout by heart since I have gone pretty much every year for more than ten years. WES is an annual event for Susan and me and anyone else who is interested in getting the best ever bargains in practically every used object you can imagine.

Le Double Secret

Irma saw a Magritte exhibit in Chicago and sent me this mysterious two-faced card. 


I finished serving my two-year term as national president of the Women's Caucus for Art in February this year. It was quite an undertaking with heavy workload and drama. Nonetheless, I managed to run two conferences, four board meetings, and kept the organization's budget on an even keel.  The members of my board gave me this beautiful handmade card created by Riko Takata, filled with good wishes and thanks. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


A fascinating card from South Korea of the Korea Peace House in Panmunjom, a joint security area. It is the site of the non-armistice South & North Korea talks.

Au Naturel

Both cards are from Germany. It reminds me that summer is here and the fields are green and lush. 

Parting Shot

This German postcrosser shared his sentiments about his ex-girlfriend. I assume the ending wasn't a pretty sight either.

To Help Mother and Child

A sweet painting by Hendrick Pierson Stichting. These cards are sold to help mother and child. From a Dutch postcrosser who retired from nursing and is now having an enjoyable time traveling the world.