Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two Whimseys

A German postcrosser created a cute story about a lonely Teddy Bear.

A Finnish postcrosser created characters out of buildings and the lake. I love her imagination!

Love to Read

Here's an altered card that speaks to the Portuguese postcrosser's love of reading. She explained the the quote means, "Great characters are more real than ourselves." Indeed, I love books that have good character development. 

Matryoshka Dolls

Anna, a prior postcrosser, sent a lovely altered card with Russian nested dolls. I love the way she decorated this card with markers and a pretty ornament on one edge. I will have to send her a nice altered card in return. 


 Three retro Hawaiian cards to postcrossers living in wintry conditions. The pineapple goes to Belarus, The surfer goes to Canada and the lei-maker goes to Germany. All cards from WES.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Another find at the WES! This was in a box of movie poster cards from MOMA. It is going to a young postcrosser in Taiwan who is majored in radio, TV & film and now works in radio. Working in a slowing fading field, she may appreciate Nabokov's novel and the luscious image of this Stanley Kubrick-directed film. 


Picked up this fabulous card yesterday at the White Elephant Sale. I had forgotten how svelte these women were back in the day. It is going out today to a Postcrosser in Belgium who likes Motown. I hope she enjoys this card as much as I do.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Daniel Green

Creativity Explored's announcement of Daniel Green's solo show. He makes meticlous lists remind me of the old TV Guide. I own several of his works. The opening reception is Jan 15, 7-9 pm at 3245 16th St, San Francisco. 

New Year Card

I received this lovely handmade New Year card from Riko. She used joss paper, paper ephemera and rubber stamps to create a lovely design.

2015 Japanese New Year Stamps

My mother's Christmas package had my favorite 2015 New Year stamps on it. Famous Japanese artists and calligraphers are asked each year to create their interpretation of the word, "sheep." Some are modern and stylized while others hark back to ancient crypographs. The red ones connote seals rather than calligraphy. This zodiac animal is associated with gentless and I hope this year brings plenty of that!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Retro Cards

I love this Russian postcrosser card! She is studying to be a CSI after finishing up with law school. 

A Polish postcrosser altered this vintage 1962 card of the Warsaw National Stadium. I adore it!

An altered card using all vintage elements from a Belgian postcrosser. She writes, "Being a baby can be like hell, don't you think?" A rather odd comment but ok....

Play on Harry Potter

This Chinese postcrosser altered a rather boring cat card into a Harry Potter scene.

Beautiful Back

This Ukranian postcrosser painted these lovely trees on the back of the card. The colors of the gorgeous stamps echo the trees. 

Two Cards Altered

This Finnish postcrosser got so into altering cards that she sent two! They are lovely and quite different from each other. The card at the top was altered with glitter, nail polish and lipstick. Very meticulous and effective! The card below incorporates key words for the postcrosser. She is celebrating academic freedom and love of foreign languages. There are no tuition costs in Finland so all she needs to worry about are living expenses. How wonderful! 

Carrot People

Here's a simply altered card from a Russian postcrosser. I love the faces she drew on each carrot. Just the fact that carrot postcards exist is a marvel!

Two Annas from Russia

This card is from Anna, a postcrosser in Ivanovo. Her first card failed to reach me but she was kind enough to send a second one. What a bright & cheerful card this is, and it reminds me of toleware or Amish design.

This card is from Anna, a postcrosser in Krasnoyarsk, a city in Siberia. The card has been altered by the elements as well as the postcrosser. The front of the card was stuck to the envelope. There was no way to peel it off without some of the envelope stuck to the image. No matter, the end result is quite interesting!

Glorious Sea

Here is a fabulous altered card by Annur, a postcrosser from Malaysia. I love the tile effects she achieved by the deconstruction and reconconstruction of the oceanic image. Lovely lovely texture too.

Advent Calendar

Here's this year's advent calendar in the form of a card. Love all the little details in this card, particularly the mushrooms, which seem to appear in many European illustrations.

Tales of the Uncanny

Here's a card announcing a local exhibition that features artwork by Sandy Yagi. I went to the opening reception and enjoyed the works by all of the artists in the show. 

Postcards to Political Prisoners

I visited the Ai WeiWei installations at Alcatraz on December 13. One of the participatory pieces called "Yours Truly" was an opportunity to send postcards to political prisoners around the world. I sent several, and brought a couple home for my remembrance. Li Tie is a Wubei writer and human rights activist who has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for subversion of state power. He wrote an essay called "Human Beings’ Heaven Is Human Dignity." Dilmurod Saidov is a Uzbek journalist sentenced to 12.5 years in prison because of his efforts on behalf of farmers' rights in the Samarkand region.

Favorite 2014 Christmas Cards

A card from the cast & crew of "Looking," an HBO series that used our Arc building for location.

The beetle & tree card made me nostalgic for the 1970's. The monkey reminded me of the snow monkeys visited in April. And I love the simple whimsey of Santa and animals in the illusted card.

I love the graphics & color selection of the both the red and the blue card. And I am a sucker for glitter, which is what the Joy card has all over it.

A fun handmade card from Mido and Michael. 

Irma's collage card showing front & back.

Susan's elf card made with old card and Chinese paper

Tanya & Kirk's recycled painting card