Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

What a beautiful night New Year's Eve was! I was surrounded by happy, dancing friends. We enjoyed our bowl of red posole and blew our horns when 2013 arrived. This time, I had the presence of mind to tape Yukutoshi/Kurutoshi so I watched the year change in all the sacred places in Japan before falling asleep. Today it's bright and sunny and I've already made tons of New Year's food to bring to a osechi ryori party.

Mike made this card with the snake stamp I got in Japan in October. The New Year's greeting is from a previously purchased stamp.

Mom sent the New Year's stamp sheet from Japan as a Christmas gift. Each year, the Japan Post folks ask famous artists and calligraphers to create their version of "hebi," or snake. It's always cool to see all the variations of that one character.