Friday, February 15, 2008

red letter day

On the heels of a San Francisco Chronicle article on the slow but inexorable demise of the postcard, I received 10 yesterday. What a treat! All were pretty cool. One was a postcrossing card from England, with a Santa stamp I had not seen. Another was a surprise card from the projet art postal people in France. That was a handmade narrative card about a little girl setting out on a journey with her dog Oslo. Then there were 2 Valentine cards made by the 5-year-old twin sons of friends, and a bonus card of a self-portrait by one. There was also a great Panjab Hills painting card from a friend in Arkansas and another of a photo of fukujuso (adonis) in the snow from a friend in Tokyo. Rounding it all off were three exhibition announcement cards: one of a local glass show, one of the big craft fair in Baltimore next week, and the last of a group show featuring the work of my co-blogger. Nice going. I was immediately inspired to make a card in reply to one friend, must now think up something for the girl in France.